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Lori  Preston

Lori Preston

Financial Advisor

Hello. My name is Lori Preston, and welcome to my Website.

As a Financial Advisor with Equitable I am dedicated to helping individuals and businesses plan for and build their financial futures.

Following the birth of my 2 children and graduating from the University of Illinois, I began my career journey which provided me with a wealth of knowledge well suited for this profession. I have held positions as comptroller, business manager, human resources director, and sales manager for a major broadcasting network. I also owned my own Advertising agency where I helped my clients grow their own business, increase market share and achieve their financial ambitions. I have also been a District Manager for Equitable Advisors as well and helped our employees and clients realize their career and financial goals.

I have always enjoyed putting together puzzles. And, in some ways, that is the job of a Financial Advisor. I examine the various aspects of a person’s life, study their current finances, ask how they envision their future, then put the pieces together to create their own unique picture of financial independence.

As your Financial Advisor, I will be dedicated to keeping the vison of your future a priority. I will carefully go over your options, and help you choose a plan that meets your needs, and expectations. I will meet with you on a regular basis, and as life gives you a new puzzle piece, we will adjust your plan accordingly.

My family would say that I’m a bit of a perfectionist, but I like to think I’m detail oriented. To ensure that I have all the information required to deliver the best plan for my clients, I stay on top of my field and hone my professional skills by regularly attending industry training and certification programs. In addition, I also focus on educating clients on Medicare and all Medicare options and programs. I have completed the curriculum and passed the exams for:

Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP)

Retirement Planning Specialist

Financial industry exams: Series 63, Series 7, Series 65 and Series 24

Licensed and Registered in the states of VA, NC, IL, AL, FL, GA and MS

On a personal note, I am actively involved in church activities including our women’s ministry, the interfaith softball league, and choir. I enjoy reading, gardening, travel, nature walks, and history. I am blessed to be a daughter, sister, mother of 2, and grandmother of 6. And, along my life’s journey I’ve met and made many friends. I’m truly thankful that my career path has led me to this profession where I can help make such a positive impact on people’s lives and gives me so much personal satisfaction.